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Yanshufim is an educational association that works to reduce gaps in education by providing empowering learning spaces for students in the social periphery in Israel.


To enable every child to push beyond the limits of learning

We work to enable each and every student identify their uniqueness and strengthen their sense of belonging and capability through meaningful experiences of success.
We believe that when these children grow up they will become productive adults, and that this is the best way to build a society with good values that is constantly moving forward.

Our Vision

Confident and active students make a society, well-prepared for the challenges of the future.

Therefore, we encourage our students to learn about their various options in higher and continuing education, assist them in finding a field that suits their skills and ambitions, and provide them with the tools to achieve their goals. The result: an active, enterprising, entrepreneurial society, that is always moving forward and creatively responding to new challenges.


Get Involved

We are currently seeking partners who believe in every child’s right to fulfill his or her’s potential, and in education’s power to change reality

Our Team

Meet the Yanshufim

Yaniv Dayan

Board Chairman

Uri Avraham

Board Director

Kobi Weiss


Yosi Gil Erlich


Raz Garame


Yuval Kroper

Lital Neta-Volkman

Board Member

Dr. Jack Stern

Board Member

Dr. Sagi Nisimov

Board Member

Dan Zislis

Board Member